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Assisted living

When Should We Consider Assisted Living?


This is not an easy question to answer. There is a comfort attached with your current situation – the comfort of the known. Most of us have an inner resistance to change, especially a change as big as moving to a senior living facility. As medicine has improved, more and more seniors are able to lead independent and healthy lives for a longer period than previously possible. However, there are situations and triggers that tip the scale in favour of living at a senior living facility rather than living independently. The decision is unique to the individual and we are sensitive to the reluctance that families and potential residents can have. There is no formula that can tell you when is the right time to make the move. Our goal is simply to make the transition as seamless as possible. Below are a few signs that are indicative of when the time is right to make the move.

The Signs

There are some tell tale signs that emerge as a person ages.

When Forgetfulness becomes more frequent and starts taking the form of confusion. Forgetfulness can also be due to the side effects of medicines that they might be taking.

When Driving becomes unsafe and erratic. This could be related to vision & hearing problems or confusion & dizziness, which can also be side effects of medications or associated with the general decline in health with aging.

When they are not able to take their medicine properly – either missing doses or doubling up on them. Pill organizers can help but one needs to remember to stock them correctly and on time. With deteriorating memory, this can be an issue.

When they have trouble performing routine activities like going to the restroom or cleaning themselves. They have trouble getting out of bed. Stairs become increasingly challenging to navigate. Cleaning the house becomes a difficult task. These challenges can all become hazardous.

Apart from the above, being in the company of like-minded and like-aged people is a basic necessity and becomes even more paramount to their well being and longevity during the golden years of their life. This lovely period of their life need not be lived in loneliness and unsafe conditions but in an environment that facilitates their well-being. There are multiple options available with us at Del Monte Assisted living and we would be delighted to host your loved one to ensure this is the easiest, smoothest transition possible.

About Assisted living

What is the primary aspect that you would look for in a senior living community? For us here at Del Monte Assisted living, we believe in a superior standard of care that emphasizes the emotional well being of our seniors. They deserve to be treated with the utmost respect and venerance. Your loved one should feel like he or she is at home. They should be surrounded with great company and that they look forward to each and every day. The staff should be committed, understanding and quick to respond to the needs of your loved ones

Del Monte Assisted living is a family owned assisted living facility where we are committed to providing exceptional care to those in their golden years! For 37 years, we have been bringing smiles to our residents by providing them an engaging and fulfilling environment. We choose our staff very carefully and invest in continued education and training. The primary quality that we look for is that their commitment and passion for caregiving is unwavering. We also look for compassion and patience to ensure our residents are cared for in the best possible way. It can be incredibly scary to trust other people with the care of your loved ones. We are uniquely aware of that and thus, we hold with high regard that trust. We work day in and out to ensure that our residents are cared for in the way that we would want our loved ones to be cared for.

Our facility is located in the Monterey Bay, an area rich in natural beauty and places to explore. Our facility itself is surrounded by lovely gardens under old California Oaks. The rooms are spacious, well-furnished and have all the amenities that are needed for a happy, stimulating and healthy way of life. Various activities are planned everyday. We also take residents for off-site trips for a change of scenery. These trips give our residents a chance to enjoy all of what the Monterey Bay has to offer.

Come and Check us out!

We encourage you to visit our facility, ask as many questions as you want or come and stay at the facility for free for a couple of days (restrictions apply). Yes – you read that right. We definitely understand just how difficult it is to make this important decision and there are so many choices out there. We will do all that we can to ensure your decision is as informed and as confident as possible. Come see how all that warmth and beauty make Del Monte Assisted living not only a special place to live, but a loving place to call home.

Welcome to your new home