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From experience, we know that the first two weeks after move-in require an even higher level of attention. This is how we provide white glove service to welcome your loved one into our community:

Personalized Care Plan Development:

  • “White Glove Service – a six-person team will affectionately and attentively care for your loved ones every need”
  • Close monitoring for first 14 days to evaluate new resident’s needs, preferences, and routines (ADLs)
  • Review of health history and physicians report
  • Orientations with family to learn as much about loved one as possible (quirks, preferences, life story, etc.)

Budget Flexibility

“Having a conversation about money is neither fun nor easy, but it is very important in order to plan ahead. We will start with Most ASLs are private pay and people either rely on sources of income or savings for this service. We work with the families to come up with a creative way to leverage income (Social Security, Veteran’s, Long-term HealthCare Insurance, etc.) supplemented with savings to ensure the most long-term and cost-effective coverage possible. This way, even if we can’t serve your needs, we can redirect you somewhere your loved one can receive the best care for the longest possible time.

Additionally, we have a fixed-cost system. Prices will not change if your loved one’s level of care increases – no matter what. This also means that we do not charge a-la-carte; the price is the same regardless of how many changes a resident needs, number of medications, etc., and includes all the amenities (laundry, meals, snacks, housekeeping, etc.). Because of this system, we are one of the most affordable facilities in the area – in fact, the most a resident will pay per hour is $9/hour ($6500 per month/30 days/24 hours).”


  • Specialized Staff: Physical Therapist, Dietician, Registered Nurse, Social Activities Director
  • Cafe/bistro
  • Walking Paths through gardens
  • Transportation to/from doctors appointments
  • Individually decorated rooms
  • Beautiful Gardens (and gardening)
  • Beauty/Barber Shop
  • Oak Trees
  • 3 meals prepared by Executive Chef (snacks provided throughout the day)
  • Gym & Yoga Center
  • Multiple Dining Rooms
  • Activity Center
  • Onsite Laundry and Daily Housekeeping
  • Complimentary phone service, WiFi, and Cable
  • Free smiles

Life @ Del Monte

Everything we do, we take pride in. Our philosophy is to give the same care to our residents that we would give to our own parents. We are constantly asking ourselves; would I be proud to show this to my own mother?

Our facility is the opposite of the institution-like settings of big, corporately owned residencies. We strive to emulate a bed & breakfast-like environment, accented by the individualized attention and personal touch that our experienced and dedicated staff offer each of our residents. Del Monte will do everything in our power to make sure that our residents feel engaged, loved, and supported and that every day has something to look forward to. Whether you are staying for a week, or plan to stay for the rest of your life, we promise to make Del Monte feel like home. And that’s the Del Monte Difference.

Call our owner directly at (800) 877-0399 or e-mail for more information