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At Del Monte Assisted living, our primary concern is the well being of our residents. However, we are constantly trying to make this a fun-filled environment where every resident looks forward to what the day has in store for them. We have been taking care of elderly residents for over 37 years and based on that experience, we have designed and refined activities for all ages and conditions. In the golden years of your life, you need to be physically fit, mentally agile, and spiritually rich.

Physically Fit

We do a careful evaluation of each resident and design activities based on their conditions. We ensure that these activities are safe, fun and stimulating. When age is not on your side, it is extremely imperative to keep you body in as fit a condition as possible. Activities include light exercises, walks, yoga, ball tossing, weights and much more…

Mentally Agile

Along with the body, it is also very important to keep your mind alert in this age. Only when you are mentally alert and agile can you truly enjoy and appreciate what you are doing throughout the day. If you are dull or lethargic, you lose interest in food, daily chores or even company of your friends. Therefore, we have a range of activities to keep your mind active and engaged. They include crossword puzzles, board games, scrabble, puzzles and specially designed games and activities.

Spiritually Rich

We are all about celebrating aging at Del Monte Assisted living. We regularly organize activities for our residents to make them appreciate the simple things in life, be grateful for what they have, and be more compassionate. The lush green campus close to the beaches are perfect places to enjoy nature and savour the small joys of life. Regular activities like sermons, meditation, lectures, and sharing life experiences are organized to make the residents reflect and grow richer spiritually.


Excursions are organized regularly at Del Monte Assisted living so that the residents can break their routine and learn something new. Museums, parks, drives, picnics, and so many more different tours are planned regularly. We have our own bus which has seen so many adventures in its lifetime. We ensure that the trips are planned in such a way that they are fun, enjoyable, and safe for all residents.