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We understand that sometimes it can become overwhelming for the caregiver. They, too, deserve a break. The caregiver has their own life to attend to which may require them to take a break from caring for their loved one. They might not be able to provide the crucial care their loved one requires. That is where Respite comes in.

Caring for someone whose needs are demanding often requires a great deal of sacrifice. In the tireless and selfless effort of caring for our loved ones, it can be easy to forget about our own needs. As caregivers, it’s imperative that we can meet our own needs so we can also tend to the needs of someone else. That is where Respite comes in. It offers the caregiver a much needed break for themselves so that they can recharge and be the absolute best they can be for their loved ones. We have even seen some cases where the elderly loved one expresses a wish to continue in the community rather than going back to their previous home.  

It is important to plan Respite care in advance as the elderly loved ones are usually quite set in their ways and are accustomed to their environment. The caregiver should prepare them sufficiently ahead of time so that the loved one does not get upset when their routine gets disturbed. It is also recommended to plan a visit to the chosen assisted living community in advance so that they can get familiarized with the new surroundings. At Del Monte, we have experienced advisors who can help you with this visit. You can also schedule a virtual tour of our premises and we will be happy to show you around.

However, there can be some emergency situations due to sudden illness or bereavement or any unexpected event, when you may not be able to prepare your loved one for Respite care. You can rest assured that our experienced staff will take good care of your loved one and make the experience as stress-free and as enjoyable as possible. Our friendly and lovely residents always love new company and your loved one will be enjoying themselves in no time.