It is common to believe that your loved one might be worried that they will get bored or won’t know what to do when they leave their routine life. Or they might think that they will be forced into doing things that they may not like. The truth is absolutely the opposite. At Del Monte Assisted living, we give 100% freedom to the residents to choose everything right from the kind of meals they want to the type of activities that they want to be a part of. What’s more, we are offering you to come stay with us for 3 days for free to see firsthand what it is like staying at Del Monte Assisted living and what kind of life our residents lead (restrictions apply).


A monthly activity calendar is published in advance so that our residents can plan their month by choosing the activities of their liking. So, besides the three meals, (which are delicious, by the way) the residents may take up meditation class, exercise class or watch a movie. They are free to opt out at the last minute if they don’t feel like participating in a particular activity. Though we definitely encourage that they join in!


Besides the regular activities, excursions and tours are also planned on a regular basis. They can be short tours or may span half a day or more. Again, it is definitely up to your loved one if they want to be part of a particular tour. Our friendly and caring staff ensures that every resident has a lot of fun and stays safe during the trip.