Assisted Living Waiver Program

The Assisted Living Waiver Program helps low-income individuals who have full-scope Medi-Cal to pay for care in an assisted living setting. The program offers this opportunity to individuals who might otherwise be left to spend the rest of their lives in a skilled nursing setting a chance to move into a more home-like setting. The ALW program is a state-funded program, this allows all individuals in California to participate in the program. However, there are only fifteen counties that are allowed to have assisted living facilities to participate. The individual must be willing to relocate if they do not live in one of the fifteen counties.

How does the program work?

If the individual needs assistance with their activities of daily living also known as ADLs, the Department of Health Care Services will allow the individual to remain enrolled in the program. The DHCS will authorize payment for the care portion only of the individual participating in the ALW program. The individual is responsible for the room and board fee. This fee is based on income and changes each year in January.