Having the Conversation

When should Assisted Living be considered?

Everybody is different, which makes this a very difficult question to answer. There are so many factors that contribute to the decision making – location, finances, whether or not your loved one is physically ready, and so many more. At Del Monte, we promise to get to know each potential resident, their families, and their individual circumstances to help you decide whether it is time to make the transition – and if it is, we promise to help make it as seamless as possible. Here are a few signs that it might be the right time to make the move.

The Signs


Forgetfulness is common with aging, but can become problematic when it affects self-care and safety. Forgetfulness can also be a side effect of medications, which, if unmonitored, can severely endanger the older adult.

Personal Care

Hand in hand with forgetfulness, oftentimes personal care becomes difficult for elderly adults, which can result in reduced level of personal hygiene, increased struggle managing medications

Daily tasks

Tasks that used to be easy to check off the list can become increasingly difficult to complete. These tasks include laundry, housekeeping, cooking, driving, and even getting dressed or using the bathroom.


For a number of reasons, often fulfilling a nutritional diet is difficult for aging adults. The increased level of difficulty cooking, shopping, and preparing meals can result in a poor diet that can affect health.

Helpful tips

Moves are never easy. Here are some tips to keep in mind when helping your loved one make the move

Be patient

Oftentimes, older adults aren’t fully ready to make the transition into assisted living because it is associated with loss of independence and autonomy. This can be stressful for everybody, but your patience will help your loved one feel supported and understood.

Be prepared

Quite naturally, your loved one will have questions about the move and their new arrangements. It will be helpful to have your research at the ready to ensure your loved one that this process can be smooth and organized and that they can find what they are looking for

Encourage involvement in the process

Ultimately, your loved one will be the one living in their chosen community. While you may be making the final decision, it is important for your loved one to be clear about what they want and expect from their new home.

Take a tour

Seeing really is believing. Invite your loved one to come and see different communities for themselves. This way there are no surprises and your loved one can get a feel for what it’s like in our community! We even offer a free 3-day stay so your loved one can really experience. Schedule a Tour