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Transition Is Difficult

Choosing the right option is only half the battle. The other half is emotionally preparing for your loved one’s move. The transition from a place where your loved one has stayed for years to a senior living facility is not easy. There is always apprehension about how your loved one will adjust to the new environment. It can also be an emotional time as your loved one might start feeling guilty that they are becoming a burden. They may go into denial that their current living situation no longer suits their needs.
The caregiver may also feel guilty – that they should be solely taking care of their loved one. The caregiver has to consider if they are compromising their own quality of life while devoting their time and energy to the care of their loved one. Sometimes, it might be overwhelming for a single person. It may be better for both the loved one and the caregiver that a full team of professionals at a facility is looking after them.

How To Deal With It

It’s OK to take a step back and take some time before making this decision. We suggest writing down your questions on a piece of paper. We will be happy to answer each and every one of them. It is important to realize that you are not alone. Eventually, we all have to go through this incredibly challenging process. We also suggest talking this out with friends and family – get their feedback.
Caregivers should visit the community with their loved ones and take a tour of the facility. At the Del Monte Assisted Living & Memory Care, we encourage you to schedule a tour to see the facility yourself. Keep your list of questions handy and speak to an advisor. Also speak to the residents and hear how they handled the transition and how they are faring now as compared to their previous living conditions. Share the story of your loved one with the other residents. This will help to create a bond with the other residents and make the transition easier.
What is important is to understand and discuss is that this move is for the benefit of your loved one. They will be living a better, safer life at the facility.

Preparing For The Move

There are a few things you can do while preparing for the move:
You can schedule a time with us to move in the belongings of your loved one before he or she shifts into the facility. You can arrange the apartment with your loved one’s favorite belongings so that the move becomes comfortable for them. Seeing their favorite items and memorabilia in the new place helps them adjust to the new environment quickly. At Del Monte Assisted Living & Memory Care, we can certainly help you with this transition. After all, we have been doing this for the last 64 years.

Items To Bring

There are some basic items you can bring for your loved one when they are moving.
These include:

  1. Basic furniture items that they are used to like a sofa, nightstand, chairs, lamps, a coffee table, etc.
  2. Decor items like paintings, a clock, keep-sakes, picture-frames, etc.
  3. Toiletries like toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, perfumes, grooming sets, shaving kits, make-up items, soap/shampoo, etc.
  4. Food items for snacking that your loved ones like their favorite drinks, snack packs/bars, or any special items that they like to eat
  5. Their favorite clothing items like their sleepwear, jackets, formal and casual attire, etc.
  6. We also suggest books, magazines, radio, etc. – anything they would like to enjoy while at Del Monte Assisted Living & Memory Care.


We encourage you to visit more frequently initially and to make the transition more seamless. Your regular visits will be a comforting factor for your loved one because it helps them feel connected to the people that matter the most: their family and friends. However, it’s also important to encourage your loved one to adjust to their new environment. It can be a lot to take -shifting from one way of life to another- so it’s important for them to feel like they have agency in the move. So let them make choices that will make the transition easier for them. Also, please be mindful that if you visit too frequently, that might impede their transition as it will make them continue to be focused on you and the old times instead of trying to adjust to the new environment. It is a trying time in one’s life. Be sure to be sensitive to that fact.

Additionally, please don’t hesitate to speak to the staff on every visit to find out how your loved one is adjusting to their new place and find out how you can help the staff to make this transition smoother.

Did you know there are different types of services that are available to your loved one in an assisted living community? Once you have assessed your loved ones needs and preferences, you can narrow down the right option that fits their needs.

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