Management Team

Meet Our Team

Sunny Saini

Sunny is a distinguished business leader with an MBA from the University of Michigan and undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT Delhi. After spending over two decades helping high tech companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe, and E-bay with their growth strategies, he decided to spend the rest of his career doing something that is meaningful and fulfilling to him and his family.

He and his wife grew up in India and their parents still live in Delhi. Given the thousands of miles separating them, they could not spend the quality time caring for their folks. They decided to pay forward, by sharing their love and care with the residents at the Del Monte. He took the plunge to dedicate his life to this cause. In his humble opinion, every facility provides care to the residents, but what residents really need is love, affection and a purpose. His goal is to create a warm and inviting atmosphere where residents feel at home – and that is the Del Monte difference.

Anu Saini

Anu always aspired to be a healthcare professional, ideally a doctor serving the elderly in India. However, her passion for Science led her to pursue an undergraduate degree in electronics engineering followed by graduate studies in computer technology. After a successful career with various technology companies and serving as an executive for Fortune 100 companies, a life-changing event made her realize that life is more than just climbing the corporate ladder.

The sudden and untimely demise of her father prompted Anu to soul search, and she found solace in serving the elderly. Together with her husband, she started an assisted living facility. The time spent in the company of the elderly has been incredibly fulfilling. Their mission is to serve all seniors, regardless of their financial, social, or mental health backgrounds.Anu leveraged the lessons learned from over 25 years in the tech industry to develop proprietary systems to identify waste and implement lean processes. In the past five years, they have served hundreds, if not thousands, of seniors, providing top-notch care. Anu believes that running a profitable business does not have to come at the cost of compromised care; instead, the two can go hand in hand.

Neil Mehta
VP of Operations

Neil is the VP of Operations at Delmonte Assisted Living, where he actualizes his goal of inspiring innovative solutions and best practices among residential care facilities for the elderly.With over 20 years of industry management experience, Neil began his career in the competitive world of Information Technology. As a Licensed RCFE Administrator, he has set up and managed assisted living facilities ranging from smaller 50-bed facilities to larger 160-bed facilities.

Neil has honed his skills and leveraged his passion for entrepreneurship to enhance technology for efficiency and care. This technology-driven, process-oriented approach has helped achieve business goals, improve delivery effectiveness, and boost customer satisfaction. He also leads an offshore extension team, ensuring operations are run in a cost-effective and seamless manner.Neil is not only an effective RCFE administrator but also a compassionate leader. He believes in balancing the business aspects of running a facility with the human side of caring for elderly residents. Neil dedicates 30% of his time to speaking with residents and staff ensuring their care firsthand. He believes this commitment distinguishes us from other facilities and makes us unique.

Lakhbir Kaur
Assistant ED and Dir of Nursing

With over 20 years of industry management experience, Neil began his career in the competitive world of Information Technology. As a Licensed RCFE Administrator, he has set up and managed assisted living facilities ranging from smaller 50-bed facilities to larger 160-bed facilities.

Megan Moore
Finance Director

Megan is a compassionate professional dedicated to positively impacting lives. With a background in Government Journalism from Sacramento State University, Megan’s goal has always been to work directly with the community. Through her experience, she developed profound connections with residents, expanding her understanding of family and fueling her passion for their well-being.

Starting in the RCFE world as a Culinary Director, Megan then transitioned to the role of Business Office Manager, and now serving as a Finance Director, she leverages her comprehensive skill set to manage financial resources effectively, ensuring the facility’s sustainability while maintaining a focus on compassionate care. Megan combines culinary expertise, office management skills, financial knowledge, and unwavering empathy to create a warm and inclusive environment, making a genuine and meaningful difference in the lives of all individuals she encounters.

Eddie Itliong
Business Office Director

A proud father of four very supportive and intelligent girls, Eddie Itliong has spent a lot of time growing his professional career wherever he went. After working tirelessly as a manager in the retail industries for over a decade, Eddie got his start in the health care industry after receiving his pharmacy technician certification by taking classes, interning at various sites, and learning more about the medical profession due to his curiosity and diligence to work hard.

Having experience in both the pharmaceutical and managerial fields, Eddie started his career at Del Monte as a medication technician. For seven years, he continued to rise in positions, moving from his promotion to Resident Care Director, and now excelling in his current position as Business Office Manager. Eddie has learned many new skills during his time at Del Monte, such as medication processing, ALW program, scheduling, billing, and elderly care.