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Resident testimonials

My mother has been living in Del Monte for over two years and it has been a godsend.

There is no way she would have been able to afford the higher prices at the other facilities. It works out perfectly that she is in the same neighbourhood where she used to live on her own. The facility feels like home with its ideal location near the ocean. My mother has lived as a paying guest for 40 years, so staying in the same area made the transition much easier. She found it easy to adapt and get comfortable at the Del Monte which was largely due to the amazing staff here.The staff at Del Monte is phenomenal. Specifically, Julie, Janet and everyone on the staff. They are so helpful and caring, we appreciate everyone so much. They treat us like family and genuinely care for the residents. The food is another kicker my mother hasn’t stopped raving about. Every week I get a call from her about the different dishes being served and quite honestly I find myself being jealous! All in all, I am grateful for Roma Del Monte for all the work and service they have provided in helping my mother feel at home during what can be a difficult transition in life.
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Robin D.

I am so pleased with the immediate changes that are being made, for the better,

at Roma Del Monte. It warms my heart to see photos of my mom out in the community enjoying herself! The staff always puts their whole heart into planning activities and it definitely shows. I particularly enjoyed the welcome party they threw in order to help guests and family feel acclimated to the new changes taking place. They had amazing food and activities and overall exuded inclusiveness and positivity. I had a great time getting to know all the staff and felt a sense of home which can be rare in care facilities at times as there are so many residents. However, I found the new owner to take great care to make sure he introduced himself to everyone and got to know us all. I look forward to coming back for more events and would definitely recommend the Del Monte to anyone who wants to find a caring community that has your best intentions at heart. Keep up the good work guys!
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Jul H.

I must say that I’ve enjoyed my time here especially due to the staff who are very compassionate

and caring. I have found that they are very respectful and always maintain good communication with us. My only concerns are with the meals which I have found dinner portions to be too small and the food tends to be on the spicier side. Another suggestion I had was for there to be more exercise related activities. However, the great thing about the new management at the Del Monte is that I know they listen to our requests and do their best to take them into consideration.
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I enjoy caring for the residents at the Del Monte and have found it to be quite a rewarding experience.

No one can come close to compassionate care and looking after residents the way they do. I have never seen a team as dedicated as they are- especially under the new management. Go Del Monte team!! Keep up the good work.
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Dianne B.

I have enjoyed my time here and must say that there has been noticeable improvement since the

new owner took over. Another feature I like about this place is that there is always good food. I am a big fan of the themed meals they do for holidays and how they have been incorporating healthy recipes into the kitchen. Another added benefit is the staff- I could rave about them all day. They all have great attitudes and when you need someone they respond fast. If you ask me, I wouldn’t change a thing about this place!
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Don R.

My mother used to live at Del Monte.  She and I never got along but she was my mother and I loved

her regardless of our compatibility.  She was living midwest and when my father passed away. I invited her to move with me here in Pacific Grove. During her stay with me, her health took a turn for the worse. I felt that maybe it was because I was always at work and didn’t have time to pay her attention or keep close tabs if she was taking her medication correctly so I looked around at several facilities and Del Monte just felt like home.  The grounds were very intimate and the staff were very kind and compassionate. My mother was not an easy person to get along with but each caregiver was so patient with her and she appreciated their care so much. It meant alot to me to have that peace of mind that she was well cared for.  I will forever be grateful to Del Monte family for making all our lives less stressful
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My wife is a resident at Del Monte.  Since she moved into their community she is a new person.

The time that the team has taken to invest in her and interact with her everyday is beyond words. She is now walking and interacting with us on an average basis. In particular, the memory care unit is superb. I would advise the team to keep expanding their meals and activities as they are looking good! These guys are the most wonderful people I have ever met. I would highly recommend Del Monte.
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Doug M.

I go to many, many facilities and I will be honest some are really pretty and look like five star hotels,

but guess what the residents need? Five star care and that can definitely be found at the Del Monte. Keep up the good work guys!
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Dr. S

I am a resident here at the Del Monte and I enjoy staying here as I have found the staff to be

extremely compassionate and respectful towards us. They are very helpful whenever I have a concern. Five stars in my book!. I have also noticed an improvement in the activities department under the new management which I was a bit nervous about but am definitely pleased with. My one improvement would be to have more physical exercises and activities such as yoga, walking, or chair stretching. However, I am satisfied as of now and look forward to the growth.
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Emme S.

My mother is a resident at Del Monte.  She was living at home on her own. She was afraid of

everything and constantly paranoid. She moved to the Del Monte a couple months ago and is a new person now. She is very cheerful, bubbly, and independent. She also never liked crowds but in the new setting she shines around other people. That guy, the new owner, must have some kind of magic to completely turn around a person. Three cheers to the Del Monte!
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Greg M.

I have been a resident here at Del Monte for a couple of months and let me just say that I love it here!

The girls are wonderful and it feels like a real family due to how caring everyone is here. An added benefit is that my son is happy too as he really liked this place. I visited another home in Monterey and everyone was just squeezed together. Compared to the other care homes this place is wonderful and welcoming!
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Helga B.

I am a resident at the Del Monte and I can easily say that the new owner is putting in a lot of effort

and I just want to say great job! The staff are very easy to work with and that is saying a lot since not all staff are as accommodating as they are. Honestly, this is not a bad place to live. My only suggestion would be more transportation but I have a feeling that under the new ownership we’ll see major changes fast.
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Jim F.

I am a resident here at the Del Monte. I must say that I am grateful for the staff here as they

are all amazing! I have found the staff to be extremely helpful and kind. The service they offer means the world to me and it reaffirms a sense of hope within me. I have been at the Del Monte for three years now and during my time here I have found my upper body growing stronger. I have also noticed that I am now more patient and I appreciate the staff for their good sense of humor. I would not change a thing about my time here as I have found it to be extremely invigorating.
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Kat B.

My mother is a resident at the Del Monte. I must say that I am very pleased with the quality of

treatment my mother receives. She loved Julia and Lee! Also, I like how the new activities are much more stimulating and engaging for the residents. My mother has really enjoyed the new activities introduced by the new Del Monte team. She loved the pet parade and the car show the most. I love to see her smile everyday and it is all thanks to the team at the Del Monte. A suggestion would be to have a complaint box so that residents could fill out requests or let staff know indirectly if something is bothering them
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Marilyn R.

My father-in-law lives at the Del Monte. He is improving a lot under the supervision of the Del Monte

team. He was very lonely and sad staying on his own since he had a very active life through his youth and missed having company when he was alone. The Del Monte provides a caring and compassionate atmosphere. He appreciates the company of his fellow residents and has enjoyed his time here immensely. The Del Monte offers a unique and compelling setting that allows him to often be outdoors. He particularly likes the outdoor tent where he can sit by the sun and enjoy his surroundings.
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Monica S.

I am a daughter of one of the residents living at the Del Monte. The staff here are very helpful and

do a great job caring for my father. However, since I work full time, it can be difficult at times to play catch up with the staff in the evening. I have also noticed that the food portions can be small sometimes and my dad says that the food is bland every once in a while. However, I know that the Del Monte team always takes suggestions in stride and finds ways to improve upon them!
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Neva P.

I am a resident here at the Del Monte. I love living here because of the amazing staff, great activities,

and yummy food. I am very pleased with the new management and can tell that they care to get to know their residents better. The staff and new owner never fail to make me laugh. The team gives me great care and I don’t know what I would do without them. I love these girls and cherish my time at the Del Monte. An added bonus is that the food here is delicious. Great job guys and keep up the good work!
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Otis S.

My husband lives at Del Monte. I remember when I first brought him to The Del Monte.  He was still

wheelchair dependent at the time. Thanks to the staff patiently caring for him and helping him get up and walk everyday. He is now capable of attending daily activities independently! I can’t thank the folks at the Del Monte enough for what they have done for him. He can now shower, walk and make his own bed on his own which is major progress. The staff here are extremely helpful and always let me know if there are any problems. We are very pleased with the services provided and would definitely recommend this place to other folks who are looking into assisted care living facilities.
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Rose D.

I am a resident at the beautiful Del Monte. I have been here for three years and can confidently say that

this is my home. My caregivers are like my daughters and sons. After Sunny, the new owner took over, I now have a new granddaughter too! She is only thirteen but is excellent at manicures and pedicures. She pampers me everyday and I must say, I love my flan and dark chocolate. His whole family is a delight and they love my housemates as much as they love me. I also enjoy spending time in the brand new rustic backyard and gazebo they just put up. I love my new family!
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Venus A.

My mother was living at home alone for so many years.  She was always a very private

and independent person. Over the years, I noticed that her health was declining rapidly. It was such a difficult decision for my siblings and I to move her into a home because we always told ourselves that we would never do such a thing. The reality was that we were all still working full-time jobs when Mom was no longer able to care for herself, so none of us were able to stay with her in her house to take care of her full-time or have her stay with us and care for her that way.  It would not have been safe to keep her at home and private care is ridiculously expensive and would never be in our budget. Del Monte was one of the few places we looked. When we met Julia, we immediately felt that Del Monte was the right place for Mom.  She was so kind and patient with walking us through the process. All the staff were always so attentive and compassionate and were always laughing. It just felt like a home.
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Mary D.

My name is Phillip C. and my wife Wilma resided there before God called her home a few months

back. The Del Monte management and staff was a huge help since day one. Helping transition her from our home to the Del Monte was a struggle but the staff welcomed her with open arms and embraced my wife and family as if we were their own.  I cannot express how deeply satisfied I am with the services they have provided and if my wife were here today, I’m sure she would feel the same way. Thank you, Del Monte, for all that you do, I’m sure I will be needing your services soon.
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Phillp C.

My mom lovingly calls Del Monte her home.  You have given her the confidence to stay as active and

mobile as possible. All the daily activities has given her the stimulation to participate and interact with other residents. The social interaction rounds out her life at Del Monte and is very important.
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John P.

On behalf of our family, we want to sincerely thank you for all the kindness and care you have given

our mother for the last year and a half.  We wish you could have known Mom before her stroke; she was amazingly sharp and had so much to share. After living with us for three years, Nancy and I could no longer care for Mom. Nursing homes were not what we wanted for her.  We’re thankful that there was room at Our House; we can’t imagine a nicer facility or nicer people to care for her!
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Scott and Nancy M.

My husband lived at Del Monte.  He was not the easiest person to get along with.  I had a bad back

and was not able to take care of him on my own anymore.  Our family doctor referred us to Del Monte and I am so glad he did. Del Monte was so helpful with his admission. They immediately made both of us feel at home.  The home was going through new management at the time so I was a little nervous about all the new changes but as soon as I met the new owner and his family I no longer felt that way.  There have been so many new and fun activities. The place is looking more spiffy and staff seem more involved and excited. I could see myself moving in when my time comes.
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Patty P.

My sister lives at Del Monte.  I live in Florida so I don’t get to see her often.  I get to call, text and email

Del Monte staff whenever I want an update on how she is doing.  There was a time when I was really worried about her because she was telling me that she was ready to check out. I must’ve called Del Monte at least 8 times that day and each time, they answered with an understanding tone and were very patient with me when I asked them 21 questions.  I have seen the grounds; they’re beautiful. Everytime I try to call my sister in her room, they say that she is out at activity or in the dining room visiting with friends.  They’re keeping her busy and taking great care of her. Thank you Del Monte.
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Deb H.