Understanding the Factors


We understand that an important factor in deciding if and where to go for senior living community is cost. You want your loved one to get the best amenities and the best of care, but the expenditure that comes along with those services is an important factor in choosing the right community.

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While working out the appropriate cost, it’s important to keep in mind the current cost that you might incur while taking care of your loved one at home. Costs at home include food, groceries, utility bills, taxes, maintenance or rent, entertainment, healthcare, travel, insurance, and home caregiver costs, to name a few. We suggest that you start by adding all these costs up on a monthly/weekly basis to find the current costs you are incurring. This figure will come in handy for comparing the costs at a senior living facility. The difference can give you a clearer idea of the cost associated with the facilities, care, and amenities.

Did you know that some veterans are eligible for benefits that can help with the payments for assisted living? Also, Medicare might cover senior assisted living expenses. Check out this link for more information.

We also suggest you contact us at Del Monte Assisted Living at 831-375-2206 or better, visit us at 1229 David Avenue, Pacific Grove to talk to an advisor. Our advisor can assess your situation and needs and can also advise which government or your insurance benefits you may be eligible to receive. What’s more, we even offer a 3-day stay completely free so that your loved one and you can be absolutely sure before going ahead with your choice (restrictions apply).