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Your Loved Ones Are Safe With Us

At times, a caregiver may become overwhelmed with the amount of effort and energy required to take care of a patient with memory loss. It’s important for the caregiver to take a step back and find a solution that benefits both them and their loved one.
The life of the caregiver is equally important and one should seek the help of others if it becomes too much. Moving to an assisted living facility makes the life of the caregiver easier because they get the support of the staff in taking care of their loved one.

Take Care of Yourself

Hey Caregiver – Take Care Of Yourself

The apartments for residents who are dealing with memory care are equipped with special security features to make sure that your loved one is safe and always under our care. There is staff available 24 hours a day to meet their enhanced care needs. The premises are monitored 24 hours a day for residents who might be a flight risk.

We make sure that the residents participate in specially designed activities for memory care. Numerous studies have concluded that an active and healthy lifestyle can slow down the progress of Alzheimer’s.

It is important to recognize which stage of Alzheimer’s your loved one is going through.We have been caring for Alzheimer’s patients for over 64 years and are skilled in recognizing the various stages. The activities and the care have to be specifically designed for each stage of Alzheimer’s and we have taken great care in doing so. The supportive environment created by our staff has helped numerous memory loss patients lead a fulfilling and safe life.

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