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The city of Pacific Grove is known for its Monarchs who migrate here yearly from the Rocky Mountains over 2,000 miles away. Mighty Eucalyptus and majestic Cypress trees has been attracting these Monarchs for centuries.The city that these beautiful butterflies choose to call home has to be special.

We want to extend the same beauty from the region into our residential home. We are a one-of-a-kind facility with a garden-like setting in a gorgeous campus. No other facility in the region, or the state, for that matter, can claim this unique offering. We have eight diverse buildings with modern amenities in a tranquil setting. You choose the building with the view and setting you prefer to call home.

We are a family owned and operated facility for over three decades and the envy of large corporate facilities, as they can’t provide the same love, affection, and personal touch that we offer to our residents. We try to emulate the aura of a Bed and Breakfast more than a facility.

Our loving and caring staff has been with us for years. Julia Galeano is our administrator and Chief Operating Officer and has been leading the care of our esteemed residents for over 15 years. The individualized care and affection she provides includes specialized meal plans, activity plans, and scheduling outings – everything and anything to meet our residents’ needs.

A new jolt of energy has been infused under the leadership of Sunny Saini, an industry veteran. After spending over two decades in hi-tech and helping some of the largest tech companies in the Bay Area, he has taken the reins of the Del Monte. His name truly describes him in a single word – he is always smiling, energetic, and greeting everyone with a warm hug. He is a true lightning rod who has brought so much warmth into every resident and staff members’ life. He believes that providing personalized care, nutritious meals, and a secure environment for the residents is paramount to the happiness and longevity of our residents. He wants to bring comfort to every resident by offering a one on one individualized attention plan. From back rubs to foot massages to just holding a resident’s hand and looking in their eyes while listening to their wonderful stories, Sunny and his family are there for it all.

The testimonials provided by the residents, family members, and our health care partners truly capture the care that we provide our residents. We would like to personally extend an invitation to come and join us for a meal or stay with us for three daysto decide if this is the right place for your loved ones – no strings attached. No other facility can offer this to a family looking for a care home and that’s the Del Monte promise! “Bringing platinum care to the golden years” is not just our motto, but a lifestyle.

Call our owner directly at (800) 877-0399 or e-mail for more information