Julie Hermosillo

July 1, 2021

This is my honest and unsolicited review of the Del Monte Assisted Living facility in Pacific Grove, CA. I felt compelled to write this review after reading the one and only beyond-terrible post on Yelp, as I am sure it has turned many people away from an assisted living facility that promotes a kind, caring, loving, transparent environment. My mom has lived at the Del Monte for 6 years and I live 2 miles away, so I am often there. In this time there has never been any indication of the issues that the previous poster mentioned. Over the 6 years, my mom’s care has been stellar. With that said, of course there will be concerns, but they are nothing like what the poster shared. Any concerns I have, mainly stem from my mom’s Alzheimer’s. There are times when the Alzheimer’s moves into another stage and tasks she could do without assistance become tasks that require caregiver assistance. When this happens, the staff always accommodates to meet her expanding needs. Whenever I bring a concern to Julia, she and her staff are extremely responsive and take immediate action. I would highly recommend Del Monte Assisted Living to anyone looking for a small, homey, caring environment for their loved one. Though there is always room for improvement, 5 stars are definitely warranted during COVID-19 because these people are saints. They are doing EVERYTHING to keep my mom and the other vulnerable residents safe.