Robin D

October 1, 2019

My mother has been living in Del Monte for over two years and it has been a godsend. There is no way she would have been able to afford the higher prices at the other facilities. It works out perfectly that she is in the same neighborhood where she used to live on her own. The facility feels like home with its ideal location near the ocean. My mother has lived in PG for 40 years, so staying in the same area made the transition much easier. She found it easy to adapt and get comfortable at the Del Monte which was largely due to the amazing staff here. The staff at Del Monte is phenomenal. Specifically, Julia, Janet and everyone on the staff. They are so helpful and caring, we appreciate everyone so much. They treat us like family and genuinely care for the residents. The food is another kicker my mother hasn’t stopped raving about. Every week I get a call from her about the different dishes being served and quite honestly I find myself being jealous! All in all, I am grateful for Del Monte for all the work and service they have provided in helping my mother feel at home during what can be a difficult transition in life.