Mary D.

October 10, 2019

My mother was living at home alone for so many years. She was always a very private and independent person. Over the years, I noticed that her health was declining rapidly. It was such a difficult decision for my siblings and I to move her into a home because we always told ourselves that we would never do such a thing. The reality was that we were all still working full-time jobs when Mom was no longer able to care for herself, so none of us were able to stay with her in her house to take care of her full-time or have her stay with us and care for her that way. It would not have been safe to keep her at home and private care is ridiculously expensive and would never be in our budget. Del Monte was one of the few places we looked. When we met Julia, we immediately felt that Del Monte was the right place for Mom. She was so kind and patient with walking us through the process. All the staff were always so attentive and compassionate and were always laughing. It just felt like a home.