Robert Ford

December 3, 2020

The entire process from my perspective has been very good. From meeting Anu and Sunny in our initial discussion through the move itself was great. I wanted to make sure there was a comfort zone between us to make sure that there was a level of comfortability and that both of our expectations could be met. The intake process was very smooth, very efficient. There were no major hiccups and the transition went well. My daughter did a lot of the initial admin and that just went on very smoothly, which can be a challenge when moving from one facility to another. They moved very quickly to accommodate Shane, who had been at the last facility for 10 years. The support ratio at the facility is very good because it gives the residents more attention, not to mention the other services that are available like physical therapy. It continues to improve the quality of life, which is important. It increases the platform where a better quality of life can be encouraged. Del Monte has alleviated a lot of concerns for all of us and we’re very very happy. God bless him that he came to a place like this and could have exposure to a quality of life.