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Our campus is located in a lush green setting close to the beautiful beaches of Asilomar and the world famous golf courses of Pebble Beach. We are constantly striving to bring personalized care to our cherished elderly citizens during their golden years. We want every resident to look forward to each new day and spend their time joyfully and peacefully.

Our trained and experienced staff at Del Monte Assisted Living & Memory Care are continuously coming up with activities to keep our residents engaged to fill their days with excitement and entertainment. We have an activities calendar planned for each month in advance so that the residents can pick and choose activities of their liking. To learn more about the activities at the Del Monte Assisted Living & Memory Care, please click here.

Very often, the primary concern for someone thinking of opting for senior community living is losing their independence. They dread a situation where someone else is telling them what to do and when to do it. Those are valid concerns. At Del Monte Assisted Living, we cherish and wholeheartedly respect their individual freedom. Our goal is to give our residents something to look forward to each and every day and to make them feel like they have the agency to choose how their day goes, within a safe and nurturing environment. To find out more about how residents spend their typical day at the Del Monte Assisted living,please click here.

After over 64 years of providing care and service to our esteemed senior residents, we truly understand the needs and desires of our residents. Taking that into consideration, we have designed our campus and amenities accordingly. From independent apartments/studios to shared accommodations, we have all types of options with a range of amenities to fit the needs and desires of our elderly. Check out our amenities page for more information by clicking here

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