your needs

Each Individual is Unique

Your loved one is special and unique. We understand this and have refined our programs to ensure that your loved one is at the center of their care plan.
The first thing that needs to be done is to understand the needs of your loved one.

Your loved one may struggle to take care of themselves or independently carry out daily activities like cooking, taking a bath, or going to the restroom. They may be suffering from memory loss, which can make it risky for them to leave home on their own or complete simple household tasks. At Del Monte Assisted Living, we customize our assisted living services based on individualized needs and preferences while holding safety and emotional well-being as our top priority.

Different Types of Care

There are numerous levels of care needed by older adults, ranging from Assisted Living all the way through Hospice. Understanding which level of care your loved one requires is critical in finding them a community they can call home for the rest of their lives! Some seniors are very independent and only require light assistance with the Activities of Daily Living, and alternatively, some seniors require 24-hour care. Fortunately, Del Monte has refined the art of creating a space for individuals at any level of care.

Assisted Living

Assisted living is for residents who can no longer live safely or healthily on their own. This program helps residents maintain a fair degree of independence while simultaneously receiving assistance with daily chores (like showering/ bathing, medication management, meals, and getting dressed).

Memory Care

Our Memory Care program offers a comforting, safe, and stimulating environment for residents with Alzheimer’s and other more severe symptoms of dementia. With 24-hour, 1:6 caregiver to resident ratio in a secured environment, each resident has the ability to live an engaged and healthy life!

(transitional memory care)

Memory loss does not occur overnight. Our traverse program is for residents who might be a wonder or a fall risk, who need extra care with their daily activities, or who require extra supervision. Del Monte’s Traverse program offers a safe and stimulating environment for residents who are in between assisted living and memory care.


Our respite program is for residents who are sometimes recovering from a procedure or who’s care team needs a break. Our respite care program provides a comforting, safe environment for our residents who need a temporary place to call home. Respite Care residents can be of any level of care.


Hospice services are offered to patients who are going through their last stages of life. During this difficult time, the focus is on keeping pain under control and on making this period of their life as fulfilling and as meaningful as possible.

Assisted Living Waiver (ALW)

The ALW was created to help seniors with disabilities, health-related services, and/or low incomes access affordable housing in an Assisted Living environment, which in turn helps those who would otherwise be institutionalized to live in a more comfortable community environment and have a better quality of life.

There are a number of other factors that contribute to finding the best community for your loved one. From location to care and beyond, everybody has different wants and needs. This is why it is so important to spend time with the community, the caregivers, and other residents. The last thing anyone wants is to have to move again, which is why we encourage your loved one to not only tour our facility, but stay in our community for 3 days, completely commitment and cost free. The only thing we need is a physician’s form, and as long as we have a room, your loved one has a place with us!